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  • Mussi Mosaic Manufactory

    Mussi Mosaic Manufactory

    Printed to order and distributed World Wide on line from The Great British Bookshop with over 500 images of works created over the last 33 years. An LP size retrospective with 196 pages. From early beginnings in 1990, from simple tiles which evolved into large major installations of over 100 life size figurative elements. £45.00 ISBN 9781784567767 With 1000 copies only. Cleo Mussi is a true original taking an innovative path to expressing her own ideas, by creating gestural, figurative mosaics from repurposed ceramic tableware. Working within the folk tradition, Cleo creates elegant, decorative and political pieces that incorporate the inherent properties gleaned from patterns, marks, forms, colour and text into a world of contemporary narratives. These works reflect modern ideas, with both humour and a lightness of touch. Cleo’s work ranges from small intimate pieces to large scale installations of up to 100, life-size works; her mosaics are in private collections worldwide, as well as in many public spaces throughout the UK. Cleo Mussi is a maverick ceramic artist marshalling historical shards of china into contemporary stories that reflect the world around us. Cleo’s book will take you on a journey of discovery from of her life size gestural figures to small intimate works, all drawn from repurposed ceramic tableware. You will explore narratives mapped from her personal journeys through history, science, art and nature, exploring the surface and the underbelly of key themes in anthropology and humanity. You will meet her characters, that include large anthropomorphic robot rabbits, spacemen, quack doctors and historical figures who all jostle for a position in her tales. As well as seeing her working methods and how her practice has evolved over the last thirty three years, you will see the rigour of her research, her humour and the lightness of touch in her creative practice. Cleo’s works are in private collections world wide as well as in many public spaces throughout the UK.